What we do

XLNT Operations offers clients peace of mind regarding ticketing, access, and payments at events or at locations and in stadiums. This by employing both hardware and software, as well as the right people. It's important that we offer a system that works in open and closed, offline and online situations. You can keep an eye on things using our extensive reporting.

This is how it usually goes:

  • a client indicates that he wants entrance fees or token transactions – the possibilities are endless – to go through XLNT;
  • XLNT finds the right solution for the client's specific wishes;
  • every transaction of value, within the boundaries of the job, will then be processed through our systems after consultation and transfer;
  • extensive reporting, financial processing, tickets, etc. can all be easily accessed by the client;
  • the consumer can choose to create an account, but it's not required.

Here are some of the most important points:

  • our NFC chips, processes, and registrations have such excellent security that the contents of the chips can never become public unintentionally;
  • benefits for the client: reduced costs, more reports, exact returns;
  • benefits for consumers: clear finances, privacy, ease of use.

Payment traffic surrounding and during events has to be secure and fair. That's important for our client and no less so for their visitors. Our partner, the Stichting Beheer Cliëntengelden 4all1 payment services foundation, plays a key role in this for both consumers and clients. 4all1 acts as an archive, safe, and cloud.
We of course have an exemption as an electronic money institution (egi) at De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). Our DNB registration number is R131231.

We rely on the latest payment technologies and cash management systems. De NFC chip is at the core of the processes at and during the events. This chip can be part of many different carriers, such as the familiar payment card, but also in wrist bands, key fobs, and others, depending on our client's wishes. In addition to payments using NFC chips, we also offer the option to set up mobile payments using QR technology. As long as the consumer does not use an account, he or she will remain anonymous.
If the consumer does choose to create an account on the special website, they can access their balance and determine what to do with it; Transfer it back into their own account or donate it to a charity.