Who we are

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We at XLNT Operations have a passion. A passion for creating easier and clearer processes related to values and transactions. Thanks to our passion, we provide peace of mind and certainty to clients like you regarding financial processes, and consumers can rely on accurate handling of every financial transaction.

Because of that passion, we have been expanding our knowledge and experience in the field of event organisation for years and, more importantly, the technology or combination of technologies that go with that. A beautiful yet complex interplay, often leading to new solutions, that we enjoy putting to work for our clients.

Our foundation is the use of NFC. The use of NFC (Near Field Communication) might not be familiar to everyone, but is already being used by the majority of consumers, for instance in bank cards, mobile phones, etc. Contactless payment is another example of the many applications of NFC and the carriers that are equipped with this technology. XLNT Operations does more than just use this technology; we know how to get the most out of the multiple applications NFC has to offer.

By applying and combining new technologies, we ensure that payments at, for instance, events are properly and securely processed. Our extensive reports offer in-depth analyses of processes and allow you to correct them where necessary.

XLNT Operations is currently working for organisations from the sports, leisure, and entertainment industries. Our clients vary from festival organisers and football stadiums to museums and other cultural activities.